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If you want to download YouTube Vanced IOS APK for iPhone, you’re in the right place. Today we’ll answer all of your questions about YouTube Vanced For IOS.

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Android users will forever have the unfair advantage of testing out unofficial mod applications, which can significantly improve the user experience. They have access to a wide variety of customized applications to choose from. One of these apps is a modified version of YouTube called YouTube Vanced, which is an incredible mod app that is, in our opinion, a significant improvement over the base app itself. As a result of the buzz surrounding it, users are inquiring as to whether or not there is a YouTube Vanced iOS app available for iPhone or iPad devices. That is the very question that we are going to look into today!

What is YouTube Vanced?

Even though it is a feature that is considered to be standard in modern apps, the official YouTube app does not yet have a dark mode, but the YouTube Vanced app does. For those of us who stay up late watching YouTube videos, this is a feature that is necessary for our eye’s safety. YouTube Vanced is an excellent alternative app to the official YouTube app with unique features that are available only for YouTube Premium users.  The automatic ad blocking is the second most interesting feature. When watching a video with ads, it is annoying, but with Vanced you will get rid of ads forever. It is a cool feature to have, especially if you use YouTube for a long time.  Having a quality like this made it worthwhile to use.

Moreover, you can now multitask while listening to music or watching videos thanks to YouTube Vanced’s picture-in-picture feature. This eliminates the need to constantly have the app open to watch videos. Downloading videos or MP3s in the desired quality is just another amazing feature among many.

Features of YouTube Vanced

Users of Apple’s iOS devices can’t wait to get their hands on YouTube Vanced. Since you came here, it means that you need this app but have no idea how to get it onto your iOS device. And, whether or not a YouTube Vanced iPhone version exists. Well, if that’s the case, then we have the right answers for you. Because that’s what we are going to discuss next.

Is there a YouTube Vanced iOS version for iPhone and iPad users?

You can think of YouTube Vanced as the standard YouTube app with a few handy upgrades. Ad blocking, dark mode, and background playback are just a few of the many notable features. Some Android users consider this program indispensable. However, this app is being actively sought by iOS users. Well, we finally come to the question you have in mind. Is there a YouTube Vanced for iPhone/iPad? Unfortunately, you are unable to download YouTube Vanced for IOS because it is not available for IOS operating system, only available for the Android operating system.

Is it safe to download youtube vanced ios APKs that are available on Google for iPhone and iPad?

On third-party websites on Google, it is possible to find YouTube Vanced APK for iOS devices. However, as of yet, there is no official version of YouTube Vanced available for iOS, so we do not recommend making use of these apps due to security concerns. The best option for you would be to use the official YouTube application on your iOS device.

We are aware that if we use the free version of the YouTube app, we will have to deal with advertisements, which can be both distracting and annoying at times. But some advertisements are skippable, and at least we won’t have to give up any of our data. And also, you can use the YouTube app’s optional dark mode. If you are unfamiliar with how to activate the dark mode in the official YouTube app, then you should follow the instructions that are provided below.

  1. Launch YouTube on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click the profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Find the Settings button in your profile.
  4. Click it, and find the Dark Theme option in the resulting menu.
  5. Click to turn it on.


Youtube Vanced is, without a doubt, a fantastic alternative to the official YouTube app. However, since the official YouTube app is more than capable of meeting your day-to-day requirements, we do not recommend that users download third-party mod apps on their iPhones. But if you truly want to take advantage of everything that Vanced has to offer, you should consider getting an Android device because there is an official YouTube Vanced app available for Android.

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